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JDM Tax Consulting is a very unique tax resolution firm in the way it works with its clients. We analyze all client’s situation on an individual level to provide them the most affordable tax preparation and resolution services. We have experienced and professional tax preparers and enrolled agents to help serve our clients with integrity while building trust. We want our client to count on us as a reliable firm that take charge to their tax solution needs and our goal is to provide them peace of mind throughout the entire process. One of our primary goal is to ensure our clients are very satisfied.
Year Round, Nationwide, JDM Tax strategically plans all clients tax consultations with the primary goal to maximize their results. We prepare current and past year tax returns; whether you have one, two or even 10 years unfiled tax returns, we can help you. We help our clients with tax audit, Amendment, Representation, payment plan, penalty abatement and other tax resolutions. No matter where you are in the country, we can help you with your tax filing and provide you compliance resolutions. The following are the details of the tax services we provide:

1. Tax Preparation

What make JDM Tax consulting different than all other tax firms is the fact that we understand every taxpayer’s tax filing requirement is unique. As a result, our tax professionals and enrolled agents invest time to learn about every client tax preparation needs to ensure the highest level of satisfaction at the end of the process.
We make sure all individuals, business, whether it is a schedule C, 1040, 1120S for S-Corporation, 1065 for partnership, 1120 corporation or 990 for non-profit organization’s tax return are timely and accurately prepared. Our main objective focus on satisfaction, accuracy, and timeliness. Our specialization includes, but not limited to federal and state income tax preparation, state and local sales and use tax preparation and more:

2. Tax Consultation

We understand the impact and the heavy weight tax debts have on our clients. That is the reason we take the initiative to make sure our preparers and enrolled agents are well-equipped to bring peace of mind to clients who are facing the impact of tax debts. We work for taxpayers to find common ground with the IRS and other tax agencies to resolve tax debts. Our tax preparers and agents help customize tax liability relief to each client’s specific case. We offer the following tax debt solutions:

3. Tax Audit Consultation

Not many taxpayers get audited. In fact, for the 2018 fiscal year, out of more than 250 million tax returns processed, the IRS audited more than 892,000, that number was slightly lower than previous fiscal year, in contrast to the total of returns processed, that is very small fraction. The audit process is very lengthy and use a lot of resources; however, certain items on a taxpayer’s return would trigger a red flag for audit. So, if you have received an audit notice or have been audited, our tax professionals and enrolled agents can help provide some peace of mind throughout that process. Call us today, we can help you deal with the following audit consultations:

4. Tax Problem Helps

Whatever the nature of your tax problems, help is at the tip of your fingers. Your peace of mind as it relates to tax problem is a matter of a phone call or a simple e-mail request to us for consultation. Reach out to us now for any of the following tax problems:

5. Bookkeeping

No one ever concluded running a business was ever easy. Management needs time to focus on business activities that matters most, with a lot of tasks that must be done in order to effectively run, manage and operate the business to ensure its profitability.

Without apposite execution of organizational skills, the business could fail to reach its targeted objective and even fails in the most basic financial aspects. Fortunately, our bookkeeping service can help our clients stay focus on the-day-to-day management aspect of their business while we keep their financial documents and transactions organized.

If you have a lot of receipts, conduct a lot of transactions, paper work, bank statements, you need to organize to streamline your business activities, we are able sort and streamline that process free up times for you to focus on the management of your business.

We simply need your monthly bank statements, receipts, check stubs and like. We can prepare your monthly, Quarterly and Annual Profit and loss statements (P&L). We will present you with your company financial on a couple sheet of papers, no matter how many transactions made for the period. Our bookkeepers will:

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