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Client Reviews

“I highly recommend Dominique and the services of JDM Tax Consulting. He was patient, courteous, knowledgeable, reliable, and prompt in his communications and service.”

MPeggy Quattro, GA

“Very thorough job. Nice attention to detail and impressive customer service provided. This guy works for it.”

Richard Plumb, CA

“Absolutely wonderful great assistance excellent customer service and very fair quoting I would definitely use this service again and highly recommend him.”

David, CA

“It has been a pleasure working with JDM consulting. Dominique Michel has been professional, friendly, patient, knowledgeable and very helpful. I will definitely recommend this company whenever the need arise. Thank you!”

Esther G. FL

“He was very helpful, all of my questions and concerns were covered, very professional and efficient, I can highly recommend using this service for all of your tax needs.”

David Z. CA

“I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from Dominique & JDM Tax Consulting. He was prompt, courteous, helpful, patient, and professional. I would most certainly recommend his services to others. Thanks!”

M Peggy Quattro, GA

“The Best Tax Consulting I Ever Had…
– Top-Tier Guidance
– Tax Finished On Time
– Professional Help
I totally recommend to anyone needing help with their taxes.”

Bailey Callahan, NY

“Working with JDM Tax consulting was a very professional and efficient experience. They agents there are very kind and respectful. They get what you need done, I highly recommend there valuable services.”

Tasha Layta, NV

“I’ve been a client at JDM for many years now, personal and business Dominic and staff has provided an exceptional service I’m very well pleased with the company and I highly recommend JDM Consultant.”

Leon T., FL

“I am very satisfied with JDM Financial consulting. There help with my tax files is absolutely amazing. I spoke with Dominique Michel who helped me throughout the entire process. He was very polite and professional. The prices are very good and reasonable for their quality. I highly recommend there services. -Esther P.”

Esther P. WA

“I was in need of help with my taxes and didn’t know where to go until I called JDM Tax Consulting. The whole process was stressless and transparent. My taxes were filed on-time, Thanks to Dominique Michel and the companies services. I am really looking forward to working with JDM Tax Consultant again anytime. I very much recommend working with this company.”

Samuel W. TX

“I had not filed my tax for 5 years; then, I received a tax assessment notice from the IRS with penalties and interest for the amount due and for not filing. I did not know what to do until I contacted JDM Tax Consulting who help file all my federal and state income taxes. They help bring me current with my tax filing obligations and assist me with a reasonable and affordable payment plan with the IRS. I am very satisfied with JDM Tax Consulting and would greatly recommend them for your tax preparation, and tax resolution needs. O’Brian W.”

Brian W. TX

“I’m very pleased with JDM tax consulting, and its staff.  JDM tax Consulting agent, Dominique is very nice, easy to get along with, transparent,
diligent, and professional. He is very thoughtful, detail, and very knowledgeable; he will go above and beyond for you.  It’s always a desirable
thing having honest and reliable tax professionals working on your behalf. I strongly recommend using JDM tax consulting for all your tax needs.”

Carline L., FL

“I am very satisfied with the customer service and the expertise by JDM Tax Consulting enrolled agents. They are faithful to their promises,
people of integrity and of unique set of skills in resolving tax problems. I am confident about the fact that JDM Tax Consultants is very well
respected in the tax industry. The enrolled agents always show compassion toward their clients and will exercise all areas of the tax law to help
solve your tax problems. Based on my successful experience with JDM Tax Consulting, I highly recommend their services.”

Karreecha N., FL

“JDM Tax Consulting has been providing accounting and tax services for our business, “The Power of Hope for many years. Dominique and the
other enrolled agents at the firm have been invaluable in assisting with our monthly and annually accounting and tax preparation needs for our
business concerns. They have been very instrumental in keeping us inform and on track with our tax filing; as a result, we highly commend them!”

Allain G. L., FL

“The tax professionals and the enrolled agents at JDM Tax Consulting are indeed knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to helping you
with your Federal income tax, State income tax, State and local sales tax, Payroll tax and other tax problems you are experiencing. JDM Tax
Consulting is a great tax preparation and resolution company that will definitely see you through your tax and financial situations. Whatever tax
issues you are facing, I recommend JDM Tax Consulting; its agents will help you find a solution to your tax problems and you will be happy with
your results.”

Valiska G.P., LA

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