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Tax Audit

Not many taxpayers get audited. In fact, for the 2018 fiscal year, out of more than 250 million tax returns processed, the IRS audited more than 892,000, that number was slightly lower than previous fiscal year, in contrast to the total of returns processed, that is very small fraction. The audit process is very lengthy and use a lot of resources; however, certain items on a taxpayer’s return would trigger a red flag for audit. So, if you have received an audit notice or have been audited, our tax professionals and enrolled agents can help provide some peace of mind throughout that process. Call us today, we can help you deal with the following audit consultations:

  • a. Tax Audit Penalties Consultation
  • Whether your audit is due to bogus tax returns and unjustifiable deductions. A consultation with our team will help us understand the nature of your audit and properly address it. We want our clients to understand that penalties due to tax fraud could result up to $250,000, plus prison time. These are serious issues, but you don’t have to deal with them alone. Let see how we can help, call us now!

  • b. Tax Penalties Abatement
  • There is a possibility the IRS may administratively grants a first-time penalty abatement waiver in order to relieve a taxpayer from certain unintentional failures. Call us so we can help initiate that process today.

  • c. Tax Audit Representation
  • A tax audit representation enables us to represent you before the IRS during an audit to present your case. An audit is trigger when the IRS takes a closer look into a taxpayer submitted tax return and suspects inaccuracies and out of ordinary items of income that may have been underreported or expenses that are or may seem illogical. Call us if need audit representation.

  • d. Tax Review and Consultation
  • TRC, review and consultation are processes we utilize to ensure the accuracy of a previously filed tax returns. We replicate the original tax returns with the documents used to prepare the original return and consult with the clients of the findings. Depend on the findings we may recommend to amend the tax return. But it’s the client then who decides if the original return should be amended and resubmit. If you have doubts about a previously prepared and or filed tax returns, we are here to help; call now!

  • e. Forensic Tax Analysis
  • As forensic tax analysts, our team of tax professionals and enrolled agents dive deeper than just prepare a tax return. We analyze whether it is or was logical to claim certain deduction and claim certain expenses on the tax return. Then we present the client the findings of the analysis, and let them decide the next course of action. Our expert tax preparation and enrolled agents are waiting to help get some peace of mind with the analysis of your previously filed tax return. Don’t hesitate; we are waiting for your call.

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