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Tax Relief

We understand the impact and the heavy weight tax debts have on our clients. That is the reason we take the initiative to make sure our preparers and enrolled agents are well-equipped to bring peace of mind to clients who are facing the impact of tax debts. We work for taxpayers to find common ground with the IRS and other tax agencies to resolve tax debts. Our tax preparers and agents help customize tax liability relief to each client’s specific case. We offer the following tax debt solutions:

      • a. Tax Debt Assistance

With tax debt assistance, we help you find assistance to your specific tax debt and enable you to experience financial peace.

      • b. Tax Debt Negotiation

Our agents are very productive and experienced tax debt negotiators, our goal is to help you overcome the negative impact of tax debts.

      • c. Tax Debt Forgiveness

You can’t certainly to sit around and expect your tax debt to unbelievably disappear. One way or the other, you have to certainly do something about it. If you are dealing with a financial hardship, medical situation or death in the family, these and other situations will empower us to negotiate your tax debt resulting the most effective results.

      • d. Tax Debt Settlement

Perhaps, you’ve been through a long journey of difficulties in your life that made it extremely impossible to pay your tax debts. Depend on your current financial situations, a tax debt settlement could be the most appropriate. Like all other agencies, the IRS could agree to settle your tax debt, penalties and or interest accrued since assessment.

      • e. Tax Debt Offer in Compromise (OIC)

Like all other agencies, the IRS could agree to settle your tax debt, penalties and or interest accrued since assessment. So, don’t sit by and let them accumulate to the point that you are unable to deal with them and end up dealing with levy and garnishment.

      • f. Tax Debt Payment Plans

We can work for you to obtain a tax payment plan from the IRS in which, if agree, an installment payment plan will enable you to gradually pay off your tax debt without putting you at risk of levy and garnishment. As long as you remain faithful and committed to the payment plan agreement, you have nothing to worry about. Let’s talk!

  • g. Tax Debt Innocent and injured Spouse Relief

You may be eligible for innocent or injured spouse tax relief if you had no knowledge of your spouse or ex-spouse tax obligations. If you file a joint tax return with a refund and the IRS applied the refund to the tax debt of one spouse on a joint return, through the innocent or injured spouse tax relief, you may be entitle for relief or allocation the portion of the amount on the return applicable to you.

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